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Mythic Nighthold Cleared! Gul’dan Defeated!

After many weeks of progressing through The Nighthold we have finally concluded our guild’s first raiding tier.  It was far from perfect and we have many things to improve going forward, but we have surpassed our initial goals as a brand new raiding team.  We will continue to define our rhythm as a guild this expansion.

We are currently recruiting exceptional players of any class.  Special thanks must go out to all the players who contributed to this tier’s success.  From Spellblade carpet-strat frustrations to the final blow on Illidan’s inner demon, thank you.  We are very excited going into Patch 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras, and will see you in the game!

7/10 Mythic At Week’s End

Tichondrius fell for us tonight, making our bosses count seven.  After our first true progression week as a guild, we are pleased with what we have accomplished.  We are excited to start seeing Gul’dan kills soon in what has proven to be a challenging mythic race.