Time travel is a bitch. This instance was brutal to us, but we got through it. Solid first tier as a guild.

Alright, fuck it. We are going Horde.

Antorus has fallen to Alacrity. Congratulations to everyone involved in the final tier of Legion!

Mythic Fallen Avatar DOWN!

The Avatar has finally fallen for us, albeit after heart crushing wipes last week.  Excellent job from all of our players for getting this kill.  This tier has been a wild ride of attendance problems that have spiraled out of control, resulting in some underwhelming kills for our players.  We will be very happy to cap off this tier with a nerfed Kil’jaeden encounter.  Best of luck to all US guilds working on KJ.

Maiden of Vigilance DOWN — 7/9 Mythic First Week

We aren’t too proud of this kill, took us too long after our first low wipe to figure out Ms. Pac-Man again.  Our resolve to finish the instance strongly has never been higher.  Onward to the Avatar of Sargeras.

Mythic Mistress Sassz’ine Defeated – 6/9M!

The first challenging boss has fallen to Alacrity.    Hydro Shots, Sucky-Holes, and Burden Tanking couldn’t stop us from laying Sassz’ine to rest.  We have happily placed our Mythic Pillars of Eternity and have descended into the depths of the Tomb. The final encounters below will prove to be a great challenge, and we can’t wait to finally destroy Kay Jay for good and then proceed to jump on the PTR without a single month of downtime!